Typical Dutch sweetsavailable at the Dutch Expat Shop

Ifyou live or work abroadandreallycan’t live without Dutch sweets, then  Dutch Expat Shop is theanswer. Youcan order allyourfavoritesweets online fromtheir online supermarket. The  Dutch sweetscatalog is  extensiveandextensivewith more than 250 varieties of sweets. What about Jumbo marshmallows, Verkade chocolate bars, Venco licorice, and Katja apekoppen? All these Dutch sweets are hardlyavailable in foreign supermarkets. Soifyoureallycan’t live without it, order yourfavorite Dutch sweetsandothersignature Dutch productsfromthe Dutch Expat Store!

Shipped to yourlocation of choice

Dutch Expat Shop mainlyfocuses  on Dutch people living andworkingabroad. In the Netherlands, different products are sold in supermarkets, but there are few or none abroad. Like  Dutch confectionery, notallknownsweets are usuallyavailable in foreign supermarkets. Order  Dutch food at  Dutch Expat Shop, especially for thosewhoreallycannot pass up Dutch delicacies. Whateveryou order fromtheir online store, they’ll shop for you, pack it for you, andshipit to yourlocation of choice.

Enjoy worldwide shipping

The Dutch Expat shop is one of the few partiesthatships Dutch products worldwide. From Japan to Germany andfrom China to the United States, everywhere in theworldyoucaneasily get the Dutch candy. Bythe way, didyouknowthatlicorice is eaten most in the Netherlands andthat even foreignersbringlicoricefromthe Netherlands as a souvenir? It is thereforenotsurprisingthatthe Dutch miss theirfavoritesweetsabroad.

Want to order some Dutch candy yourself?

Dutch candies are a great way to surprise yourfriends, business relationships or colleagues. But getting these items canbe a bit difficultifyou’renot in the Netherlands or anywherenearby. Lucky for you, youcaneasily order them online at Dutch Expat Shop. Do notwaitanylongerand take a quick look at their website!

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