How To Regain Morale? Our Tips To Boost Your Good Mood

Stress, exhaustion, and seasonal changes. Our morale can sometimes be put to the test. Fortunately, it is possible to boost your good mood with simple tips from Metropolitan Skin Clinic for your body and mind. Here are some tips for applying daily.

Practice Regular Physical Activity

A natural antidepressant par excellence, sport regulates our mood by reducing stress and promoting the secretion of endorphins, a hormone with relaxing properties. Physical activity also stimulates the production of dopamine, the hormone of pleasure, reward, and alertness. It banishes fatigue. Finally, sport is a good way to clear your head and put aside the hassles of everyday life, sources of gloomy mood.

Sleep Enough And Properly

Insufficient and poor-quality sleep hurts mental health. On the one hand, lack of sleep increases cortisol, the stress hormone. On the other hand, it affects our ability to regulate our emotions. After a bad night’s sleep, irritability, anxiety, fatigue and melancholy can take over our good mood and vitality. It is recommended to go to bed (as much as possible) at a fixed time, to go to bed at the first signs of fatigue, and to sleep at least 7 hours a night. Check out our tips for sleeping well for a better night’s sleep.

Listen To Music

As the saying goes, music softens morals. Music soothes, entertains, and stimulates, driving away stress, fatigue, and tension. It is not for nothing that it is used as a therapeutic means to treat psychological disorders. This is called music therapy. In case of low morale, listening to pleasant or soothing sounds is a good way to find a little good mood.

Get In Touch With Nature

Several studies have highlighted the benefits of nature on mental and physical health. Work published in Scientific Reports 6 and carried out on more than 20,000 people revealed that spending two hours a week in nature improves physical and mental well-being. The authors of this study indicate that walks in nature help reduce stress, take a step back and spend quality time with family and friends.

Conduct Mindfulness Meditation Exercises

The benefits of meditation on mental health are well established. It alleviates stress and anxiety and reduces the risk of depression. This practice of focusing on your breathing, sensations, thoughts, and emotions has been the subject of numerous scientific studies. In 2014, a review of 7 studies based on 36 clinical trials showed that meditation helps reduce anxiety symptoms. Other research by 8 British scientists has proven that meditation can improve mood and psychological well-being.

Take Care Of Yourself

The hectic pace of life we ​​lead does not go hand in hand with high morale. By dint of running everywhere, we risk forgetting ourselves to end up being overwhelmed by negative emotions. Learn to slow down and listen to yourself rather than always trying to please others. Do not hesitate to say no when you do not want to do something (dinner invitation, for example). Rest when fatigue begins to weigh on your daily life. Get away (holidays, walks, weekend getaways) when you need to see other things. Try new activities if you want to get away from your routine and take supplement like bbl laser treatment for example to help your body.

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