Sunglasses: Essential Tips For The Right Choice

Sunglasses like Saratoga for example initially had the sole purpose of protecting the eyes from the light and rays of the sun. Currently, they have come to accompany the look and become an essential part of the composition of a person’s look and style; after all, each model of sunglasses conveys an “image” of the person. Whether just for protection or to “up” the look, it is always worth investing in good quality products; the lens is fundamental in blocking UV rays.

And in terms of design, what matters most is choosing the models that match your style. For example, if you like sports and your style is cooler, bet on glasses with mirrored lenses and mask-style models.

Below you can find a series of essential tips from an ophthalmologist and american optical to choose your sunglasses well, as well as some options for glasses models at different prices and inspirations to make your choice.

What Is The Importance Of Wearing Sunglasses?

Frequent and prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to the progression of cataracts, pterygium (common in tropical countries), senile macular degeneration, and tumors of the cornea and conjunctiva. Therefore, using glasses with ultraviolet A and B sun protection, even by children, is essential to prevent diseases like these.

What Is The Best Frame Color For Blondes, Brunettes, And Redheads?

It depends on the skin temperature and the person’s intention. The skin can be cold or warm, which will determine which ones will most harmonize with the skin tone. The intention will determine the glasses’ shape, color, and material. The contrast between the color of glasses, eyes, hair, skin, and eyebrows will also influence the choice.

“Colors also have emotional effects. For example, red strengthens, blue reassures, orange stimulates, yellow energizes, gold enhances, and silver clarifies. Whether blonde, brunette, or redhead, any color can be good for you as long as it values ​​and strengthens you.

Where To Buy Sunglasses?

Check out some eyewear options in the main existing models and different brands on the website to be inspired before buying yours. If you want to buy online, some stores provide options such as a “virtual mirror” to try on the glasses; others give you the option to try them on at home and return what didn’t fit free of charge, among other benefits and tips to help you choose.

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