A Guide to Finding the ideal bicycle

Most people have no clue about the bicycle they want whenever they go into a shop to buy one. Not many individuals know that there are options on the type of bicycle to ride and the NTN accessories for maintenance. When it is the first time, you will just ask for something to ride. It will most probably depend on the budget. However, it is vital to understand what to consider when purchasing a bicycle.

Types of Bicycles

Here are some types of Bicycles you can find in the market;

  • Mountain Bike; is a versatile bike that is adaptable to through roads. They are usable in all kinds of terrain.
  • Road Bikes; are bicycles that are fast and designed for a paved road. It is good for traversing through the city for leisure and fitness activities.
  • Hybrid Bikes; combines the two aspects of the road and mountain bike. It is in-between the two types of Bicycles.
  • Cruiser; is ideal for cruising around town. You can find people riding them around the beach.

Apart from the price of purchasing a bicycle, there are other factors you need to consider. Here are some of them;

Choose the right size

Regardless of the type and model of bicycle, it will be uncomfortable for you if you do not choose the one that fits you. A smaller or larger size is not ideal. However, a professional bicycle retailer can take your measurements to find the right equipment for you.

The process of finding the right bicycle for you in size entails measuring the inside part of your leg and height. Ask for a chart that displays the frame measurements. However, the dimensions vary and it is vital to be Keen when choosing. You can test the bicycle before purchasing it.

The Bicycle Components

Over the years, bicycles have been changing. The type of gears and speed of Bicycles are not the same as what was there about two decades ago.

It is vital to know how fit you are at the place that you will be riding the bike before purchasing one. When riding in mountainous areas, you can opt for one with many gears. On the other hand, flat areas do not need a bike with low gears. Ensure the bicycle suspends well to give you the comfort you need. A bicycle’s suspension will affect how a cyclist steers the equipment. Check the type of brakes in bicycles as they differ between models. It helps in minimizing the risk of injuries due to falling.

Test the Bicycle

When seated on a bicycle, your feet are not supposed to be touching the ground. However, the leg needs to fold when you are peddling too.

The best way to know if a bicycle suits you is by taking it for a ride. Check if the position you are sitting at is comfortable. You can try carrying some load if you will be using to ferry items from one place to another.


Take the time to research the best bicycle manufacture in the town. Also, check out for the ease of purchasing spare parts before buying.

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