5 Benefits Of Laser Eye Surgery

For many people, wearing contact lenses or glasses has become a daily routine. Many of these people, given a choice, would choose to break free of this addiction and have their eyesight restored. This can be advantageous not only for professions where the use of glasses or lenses is not practical but also for aesthetic purposes, that is, people who prefer to avoid wearing glasses. This also removes the worry of carrying several glasses or contact lenses if one gets lost or breaks. You may have it after prk surgery.

1 – Be Free Of Contact Lenses And Glasses

Think of freedom and autonomy in being able to have better career opportunities. Many still take up new sports and hobbies that they felt were inappropriate for people who wear glasses or contact lenses but can now finally do the activities they’ve always wanted.

2 – Increased Confidence

Patients report immediate improvement in vision after laser correction, some surpassing pre-treatment vision. They feel more confident that they are no longer dependent on glasses or contact lenses. The Improvement in self-esteem comes from the greater joy expressed by a face without glasses, which enhances the brightness of the eyes. All these gains are incorporated into the daily reflections on social life.

3 – Improves Performance In Sports

Loss or displacement of contact lenses, glasses slipping to the tip of the nose on sweaty faces, and fear of a hefty ball that breaks the glasses and hurts the face are some of the benefits of sports without glasses to the quality of vision, of course.

4 – Money Saving

When you compare how much money you’ve spent on contact lenses and their cleaning and disinfecting products, on eyeglass frames and lenses over the past few years, and how much you’ll spend in years to come, you conclude that laser surgery is a great investment. . And knowing that its cost is slightly higher than a pair of designer glasses, with unparalleled benefits, chooses the treatment unbeatable.

5 – No irritation from contact lenses or cloudy lenses

Contact lenses from kraff eye institute for example are already a better option than glasses, but the routine of use gets tired little by little. Sleeping with them is inadvisable; forgetting your case and disinfection liquids on a trip is a nuisance, which is often only noticed when you go to sleep. After many hours of use, it is common to feel discomfort and irritation in the eyes, making you want to get home immediately to remove the lenses. And today, surgery has reached such a high degree of safety that the chances of having a problem with the inappropriate use of contact lenses are greater than in surgery.

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