5 Summer Looks for a 40-year-old Woman

At 40, women are… Bossy? Mom? In summer flirtation? Proud of yourself? In search of oneself? Athletic? Or just a little on Sunday?

There is obviously no profile of a 40-year-old woman, but one thing is certain: you no longer dress like a high school student. That being said, this leaves you with a huge margin of clothing choice… So, to make your life easier, personal shoppers have selected 5 summer looks for you, which should appeal to a 40-year-old woman… At least!

Look 1: The eternal basic

At all ages, t shirts for women saves our lives, in all seasons.

The great thing about basic t-shirts for women in summer is that they bring out your tan and let you wear whatever socks you like.

Fluid pants in earth tones are perfect for this season’s trend. For a minimalist, effortless and stylish look.

Look 2: The timeless shirt dress

How to make a sensation with a single piece? Maxi shirt dress is ideal for being feminine with a neutral and timeless style. Shirt dress is among the best styled blouses for women for many fashionistas. You can look for various designs and patterns on internet and select the ideal one as per your body shape and personality.

This summer, stylists fell in love with the pink striped dress, belted at the waist. She gives you a slightly retro look, Italian actress kind of character.

Play with the buttons to bring out the length of your legs. Gorgeous!

Look 3: A total white to brighten up your summer

It’s white season, so make the most of it! The total white look automatically brings you a sophisticated touch and a lot of brightness.

The clarity brings out your skin texture by reinforcing your summer colours. (If you have an extremely pale skin tone, switch to very light pastels instead).

For a cool evening, opt for slim fit white jeans.

Look 4: The maxi wrap skirt and its movement

To create an ultra-rewarding and very feminine look, this summer clothing websites are offering the “wrap” or wallet skirt. Experts choose it high waist and printed for a visual effect of telescoping legs.

The wrap cut emphasizes your curves and naturally brings movement to your figure (in asymmetrical size for the bottom, it is even more obvious).

It is worn this summer topped with a white shirt, not too close to the body to let the skin breathe. Tie it at the waist for a bohemian effect, and add maxi accessories to add to the style.

Maxi wrap skirt goes well with different styles of blouses for women like halter neck top, silk shirt and chiffon tops.

Look 5: The striped jumpsuit

It is one of the essentials of the season. The linen or cotton jumpsuit is an all-terrain piece that accompanies you in all your programs.

Always comfortable, opt for a minimalist version: a clear jumpsuit with fine and light stripes for a soft and subtle outfit.

Ideal for a lazy afternoon as well as a busy day in activities!

So, inspired?

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