What to Shop for in a Bohemian Wedding  

There are a hundred and one wedding ideas that you can find. And so far, for most modern brides, bohemian weddings remain within the top list. The laid-back vibe combined with the gorgeous visuals enveloped within the theme seems to be super attractive, especially to the carefree crowd. Why not? A boho wedding could deliver a memorable event all right without being overdone. It is also one of the cheaper options out there if you are creative enough. You only have to shop for the fundamentals. They are not necessarily expensive. And then, dress them up the proper way. Here are the important things you must shop for.

Boho wedding dress

There are several notes to boho-themed wedding gowns. First on the list is the addition of a floral pattern, whether through lace, beads, pearls, or other accents. Precious stones are not widely preferred because the glitz could quickly destroy the vibe.

For the fabric, the flowy types are most suitable. Chiffon, tulle, and organza are the popular textile options. Most wedding gowns in bohemian style are not coloured white. Off-white and the lightest shade of cream are considered the best choices because they give off a more natural appeal, look, and feel. As for the cut, boho dresses are often A-line or mermaid style. Silhouettes are also popular, especially for summer outdoor weddings.

To match the boho gown, brides wear flower crowns or other stunning headpieces.  Hair is also usually dressed in curls and loose braids. Hairstyling on the day is no-fuss, so you should not be surprised to find a boho bride who would want to have fun and play online casino while her hair is being done.

Boho décor

A rustic bohemian wedding is styled with the use of elements that emanate nature in every sense. Earthy items, including flowers, twines, vines, wood, twigs, and others, are at the forefront of design. They are often reflected in all wedding components, from the save-the-date to the thank you cards.

The wedding venues are also often dressed with earthy elements at the forefront, characterised by hanging décors, lace backdrops, garlands, and vines. They help create the rustic and romantic vibe effortlessly.

Boho wedding venue

Speaking of venues, boho weddings are commonly held at unfamiliar locations, like barns, courtyards, farms, and ruins, though can often also be held in forests and woodland areas. These ethereal settings inspired by nature and the scenic outdoors are fit enough for the fabulous theme. Since nature is already close by, only a few design details are needed to complete the idea, such as blending furniture like seats and tables into the fey-like theme.

A bohemian wedding is a dream come true for brides who love nature and flowers and the free-spirited atmosphere. Like other themes, it features lots of gorgeous details and intricacies that make the milestone a more memorable experience not just for the bride and groom but also for the guests. The near-fantasy experience will likely remain one of the best events your guests have experienced.

Boho brides who want a unique experience must add some personal touch to the event. Shop for items that speak about character and personal style as much as they evoke the bohemian feel. And everything will come easy.

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