New Makeup Ideas of 1980 Styles

The retro makeup in search is definitely for you if you are an outgoing person who does not bother you to get some strange looks of the youngest. The 80s are considered retro and you can change your makeup to look like that. The styles of the 1980s will be back in the future and it can be closer than you think. You can stay ahead of your girlfriends simply by realizing that.

In the 1970s, makeup styles were very conservative, but once the 1980s arrived, she went very bold. If you think you have to use a daring makeup, as they did in the eighties, you are completely wrong because it is not necessary. Now that we know it, we can learn more about the style of makeup styles of the eighties for today’s society.

In the late seventies and eighties, they believed that the use of a lot of makeup was the best, while today we think very differently. The 80s makeup style was to shock people so they can not help but look at your face because it was covered with so much wild makeup. Now, a few days, you do not want to have a daring and scandalous makeup. So, remember that for when you coine your retro makeup.

You should target bright colors of the eighties like bright blue. However, do not use a little DAB, you must use it on eye eyelids. You can use a contrast between blue and yellow rubbing the blue of a portion of the eye cover up or down to yellow. You may be inclined to use modest amounts of eye shadow, but you should try to use a lot more since it was the bland in the 1980s. Your eyelashes should have a lot of mascara and Thick black eyecular lines.

Makeup for your cheeks also needs attention. While red was popular in the eighties, you can use a rose to highlight your cheeks. All that remains is to find retro style clothes and you will look like an explosion of the past.

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