How to select the best ramp for disabled PMR?

When it comes to the PMR ramp, it actually allows the person with reduced mobility, any person with the motor disability, to facilitate the crossing of threshold, or access to an organization open to the public. The rampe pmr can be manually arranged outside or inside the entrance to be crossed without the stable control over the public domain.

Who is the disabled ramp PMR planned for?

The initial use of the ramp PMR is to let a person with the decreased mobility to cross the threshold. It is not in fact planned only for the individuals in the wheelchairs or manual chairs, but it is for anyone with the temporary disability or lasting disability can be needed to use it. Some other access ramps are also known as loading ramps and they can also be used to cross the heavy equipment like the quad, a motorcycle, or any other type of equipment of the particular weight. It is a known factor that the ramp for the disabled people with the decreased mobility is 100 % safety. When the value of slop will not be avoided, a biased plane with the slope less than or equal to six percentage is fixed to cross it. The following slope values are accepted. They include,

  • 10 % for the length < = to 2 meters.
  • 6 % for the length < = to 10 meters.
  • 12 % for the length < = to 50 cm.

The access ramp which is used by the recent declaration and it has various beneficial characteristics. Any type of access ramp should need to meet such specific criteria to act on the major safety of its users. They are,

  • Be non-slip
  • Each ramp should need to ensure the minimum load of 300 kg
  • Contrasted with its environment
  • Wide enough to let the passage of the electric wheelchair or manual wheel chair.

Types of disabled ramps:

There are actually so much of rampe pmr varieties available with the different materials, finishes, and also colors to satisfy every user and also every establishment open to the public. They include,

  • Removable ramp

Such kinds of removable PMR ramps are initially used for the establishments open to the public. They are also manually placed on the entry to be crossed and thus let an individual with the decreased mobility access to any type of ERP.

  • Threshold ramp

These ramps are ideal models especially for the private sector and are perfectly suitable relatively for the lowest heights up to 15 cm.

  • Angled ramp

When it comes to the angled ramps, they contain a ramp and also a platform. Crossing at the best angles will be done on the right or the left, thus limiting the control on the public domain.

  • Loading ramp

The loading ramp is ideal choice to transport some kinds of the heavy equipment such as quad, motorcycle, and etc. Such ramps are highly suitable to load & unload from the truck, car, or a boat.

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