How to Care for Long Silver Earrings and other Pieces

So you went ahead and invested in solid collection of long silver earrings from a timeless, edgy designer shop enough for you to change up your style to suit the occasion and mood. However, with time, you worry that the elegance will be lost as the silver tarnishes leaving your collection looking old and worn.

There is a high likelihood that most of your long silver earrings are made from sterling silver which offers versatility and luster to the pieces. While most times you will find yourself neglecting the beautiful pieces in your collection as they tarnish, appear discolored, caring for silver to reduce tarnish is very easy.

Below are some few hacks that will see you wear your silver pieces such as the long silver earrings you so very much for a long time:-

Prevention is the Best Option

As with any disaster, prevention is better than cure, or rather aftercare, when it comes to silver. While you might be tempted to shop for so many pieces of long silver earrings or studs, frequent wear is an important part of preventing tarnish. With too many to choose from, some pieces are likely to end up looking old while a smaller collection means frequent wear which translates to cleaning by the oils from your skin. Note that other products such as lotions and hair products cause tarnishing so be keen when dressing up not to expose your silver.

In addition, the sun and swimming pool water are not friendly to your silver pieces which means you need to take them off before indulging in activities that promote exposure. You might want to invest in a portable plastic bag to store your silver jewelry when you need to and another while at home to ensure that there is little interaction with air which promotes tarnishing. Pop in your storage container some silica gel or activated charcoal to keep off moisture.


Polishing is among the best techniques to clean silver especially the oxidized designs. You can consult for polishing services that some jewelers offer or learn to do it yourself. If you opt to do it, invest in silver cleaning cloths if you can afford or find a non-abrasive cloth that will not scratch on the silver. Clean by using long front to back movements similar to the silver and avoid circular movement which will make scratches prominent. Change the cloth as often as possible to avoid tarnishing. If your pieces are plated with other material such as rhodium, be gentle to avoid removing the platting.

Professional Cleaning  

Some of your pieces might not respond to home-based polishing especially the older pieces which means you need a professional to do it. This is the best option for delicate pieces so consider setting aside a budget for this.

Homemade Cleaners

There is the option of using commercial cleaners, but the downside is that most of them are harsh to your silvers. There are a variety of homemade options that will save you money.

Some of the options are such as;

  • Salt Water – simply combine a cup of boiling water with a tablespoon of salt and another of baking soda. Pour the mixture into a pan where your silver pieces are placed on aluminum foil and add half a cup of vinegar. Let the mixture rest for a few minutes and then rinse in cool water. Once dry polish with a microfiber cloth. The chemical reaction between the material and ingredients will cause tarnish to transfer to the aluminum leaving your pieces tarnish free.
  • Use Dish Soap – As you do your utensils, wash the silver with water and dish liquid soap, rinse and dry off with a dry cloth.

The Bottom Line

How you store, wear and clean your silver pieces will dictate how long they last. That timeless long silver earring could see itself move over several generations as a family heirloom only if proper care starts early. The above simple tips should give every piece a chance to let you shine in every piece of silver in your jewelry box.

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