Four Tips to Help you Choose the Right Size of Fridge to Buy

Refrigerators today can have an array of useful and stylish features including some that make it a sleeker appliance when compared to older models. While the existing design of your kitchen influences the size of fridge to get, you can choose from an assortment of cool extras. This post will help you choose the right fridge size for you:

Consider the Existing Cabinetry

If you want to replace an old fridge, your kitchen may dictate the size of the fridge to purchase. If you don’t want to spend extra cash on reconfiguring your cabinetry layout, measure the existing opening of the fridge in the cupboards and shop for one an inch or smaller all around. But, your fridge’s depth is optional. You can choose a shallow model to offer your kitchen a more streamlined look or pick one that comfortably protrudes into the space so you can have deeper storage and shelving.

Consider the Number of Users When Starting from Scratch

If you are building a new house, factor in the fridge before the cabinetry of the kitchen. If your family tends to be big, consider a big-sized fridge like the LFXS28566S model. However, if your family only has two members, a 16- to 20-cubic-foot fridge would suffice and save power. Make sure to allow for the space needed to fully open the fridge door.

Think about the Freezer Capacity

If you tend to stock up on ice cream, a stockpile of ice, or frozen entrees, pick a unit that has a generous-sized freezer. If you own a separate freezer for housing most of your frozen goods, consider buying a smaller fridge. Old fridge models have a top-mount freezer. However, these days, you can pick from different configurations including a side-by-side model or a design that has a lower-drawer freezer and upper French doors.

Consider the Extras

A fridge can be equipped with an array of extra features like in-door ice makers. If you have a fridge with a built-in look, you can mask it using a trim kit. Some units are available with a wine rack or ice-storage bin. Also, today’s fridge door handles come with options. They can be mounting right or left or as a groove in the side, making them sleeker or more space-saving. But, some of these add-ons will decrease the interior storage size of the fridge and increase its price, so make sure to pick only the elements you need.

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