5 tips for long-term makeup this summer

Here are some makeup tips for just or dark skin to look without flawless makeup in hot weather.

1. Protecting protection

Keeping healthy skin should be a long-term priority. This is the key to making your skin always young and shiny. If you will notice, are above all to use. Always mind that as long as the sun is lifted, your skin, especially on your face, is subject to damage caused by harmful sunny sunlight. So, before a makeup summer sale, make sure the product has a high sunscreen value (SPF). The higher the SPF value, the better.

2. Importance of primer

This is not a new product, but many women still do not know the importance of bringing the primer before we make up. Whoever tends to jump is; What they do not know is that a small amount of this food cream can do wonders for your face, especially this summer. This makes your Makeup longer lasting compared to the worn makeup without primer. This and dark.

3. Choose Silicone

To have a complete coverage of imperfections on your face when you wear makeup, one of the best to practice is to use a silicone formula and light to have. The role of silicone is to act as a film between moisture caused by moisture and your skin. It hinders the foundation to enter your pores or melt perspiration.

4. Wear eye shadows creams

The warm weather of the summer pushes us to sweat severely and generally from the breads of shadow and sweat causing our makeup in the sun. The best for this is to choose eye shadow creams instead of powder. It consists of silicone that help lock the color and adds brilliance to our eye makeup. Buy an eye shadow cream that is to get the best of the best for your summer makeup.

5. Pout lips under the sun

It is important that women take care of their lips this summer. The hot weather could dry it and crack and it is not good to do nothing on your lips. A To solve this problem is to turn to the use of gloss with lip during the mearime. To get that, get a tinted lip balm to add color and choose them with an increased wax content to make sure it does not fit on your lips.

You do not have to fear to be makeup less this summer because of the fear of cakey stains and foundation. Follow these summer makeup tips to get a foundry foundry experience during this hot weather. Make sure to wear solar protection makeup for full skin defense and make the most of these makeup tips for just and dark skin.

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