5 Ordinary Jewelry Mistakes and How to Avoid Them                             

It is ok to be a little obsessed with jewelry.  It is common to fall in love with a piece that showcases your real personality and signifies class, wealth, and style.  Nevertheless, I know you could be making several mistakes that I hope you were not.

You could be making these mistakes due to a lack of enough information or just forming a bad habit.

Here are the jewelry mistakes that most people make and how to avoid them.

1)      Sporting the Same Jewelry Daily

It is easy to form a habit of wearing your favorite piece each day of your life.  But there are some reasons why you should take off your jewelry from time to time.

First off, your daily jewelry will become grimy in areas you cannot see or notice because the changes happen very slowly. The case is real with earrings because some parts of the earrings are hidden behind your ear lobes. Wearing dirty earrings can lead to severe infections.

You should remove your earrings at least every 2-3 weeks, wash them thoroughly with warm soapy water and brush them softly with a soft brush.

Moreover, you’ll be very dull, and I do not think anybody wants that. It is ok to look different at times.

2)      Failure to Regularly Clean Your Jewelry

When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your favorite piece of jewelry? Some individuals wear their jewelry for months or even years before cleaning it.  It is easy for you to fail to notice the escalation of tarnish and grime on your piece, but it is always there for everyone else to see.

You wear your sterling silver pendants almost daily, making you look elegant, stylish, and wealthy. It is only fair that you return the favor. Clean your silver and gold jewelry regularly using soap and warm water to remove grime and tarnish build-up.

Just as you wash your clothes often, clean your jewelry once in a while because you wear them next to your skin as you do various chores.

Purpose to clean your jewelry at least two times a year. Of course, it will depend on how often you wear your piece. It would be best if you cleaned your jewelry according to the raw materials used to make them.

 Jewelry made from silver or gold can be easily cleaned at home using warm water and soap. Other jewelry made of diamond, limestone, and other precious stones might need a professional to clean them.

3)      Failing to Store Your Jewelry Appropriately

Where you keep your precious pieces when you are not sporting them will affect its appearance and condition.  Your precious pieces will tarnish pretty faster when stored in humid areas.

Besides, pieces that stroke against other jewelry will get damaged or easily scratched.

The right jewelry box will make sure that your jewelry is stored correctly and well protected. The jewelry box will limit air exposure. Also, these boxes give different sections to prevent the pieces from tangling and scratching.

A necklace tree can help too, but be ready to clean and dust your pieces more regularly.

4)      Failing to Understand that Less is More

When searching for jewelry to wear, consider where you are going. An elegant pendant can look magnificent for classy events but may not be appropriate in an office.

Everybody needs what they are wearing to appear glamorous and expensive, but wearing too much jewelry at the same time can make you look ridiculous.

Determine which clothes you want to wear first, and then get two or three pieces that can complement the beauty you are searching for. Always bear in mind that less is more when it comes to beauty.

5)      Mixing Silver and Gold

Gold blends well with other warmer tones. If the complexion of your skin is Mediterranean or olive, you can look great wearing gold jewelry. Platinum or silver mixes well with cooler tones.

When buying your favorite jewelry pieces, think about your complexion and buy what you feel will blend well with you. There is a possibility that silver and gold will look glamorous on you, but causing them to work for you at the same time can be a bit challenging.


Jewelry is a critical part of almost every outfit. Just know what to wear, when and how to wear it.  In the end, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Some people will always trash what others consider impeccable. Beauty and style come with a lot of confidence.  Stick to the basic style guidelines for wearing jewelry and steer clear of making any jewelry mistakes.

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